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Poem February 27, 2022 Basa Sandrine

The true friend I have
The keeper of all my secrets
The only one to feel my pain
The one to keep me warm at night
The one to hold my tears
The one to contain my screams
The one to take in my punches
The one to understand my frustration
The one listening no matter how long
The one I turn to each and every time
The one providing comfort in hardship
The one that takes me to El Dorado 
The one making my deepest fantasies real
The one who waits with eager my return
The priceless home I’m true to myself in

~ Basa ~

I'm Basa Simbi Olive Sandrine ,I'm a writer and poet who just love playing with words and make creations from them This website is an exhibition to expose the artist that dwells inside of me ,hope you enjoy what she has to offer

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