Month: March 2022

Writers 404

Poem Mar 22, 2022

We writers we’re travelers for we jump from one dimension to another but belong to noneWe writers we’re healers for we know our ways straight to the soulWe writers we’re peace makers for we master the art of appeasementWe writers we’re the voice of the mute for we tell the stories buried inside of themWe


Poem Mar 15, 2022

Moments, MomentsOooooooh momentsHow come I learn this nowHow come I missed your pointFor so long I didn’t honor youFor so long I didn’t value youIf only I was informedIf only I had insightsThings would have been differentI would have been more investedThe fact that you are life in shortStill get me,you knowFor when I was


Poem Mar 15, 2022

They pressure you to drink because they just can’t stand your sobrietyAnd not because drinking is that great or that funThey keep telling you that you should try to get high not because it’s that cool or dopeBut because them dying alone is unimaginableThey push you into their beds and those of othersnot because sex


Poem Mar 8, 2022

A woman,who is she in the endWill we ever grasp her true powerWill there ever be a possibilityOne in which herself is familiar to usShe is the channel of life itselfThe key to what will be the futureThe land to feed generations to comeHer confidence creates empiresHer rage defies all on its wayShe can be

I KNOW 1410

Poem Mar 2, 2022

How stupid must you think I’mHow naive or unaware do you think I’mI bet you brag about it and laugh for hoursYou must think you an expert in that so called game you’re playingIn your office with a glass of whisky,You really flatter yourselfAnd to ease your guilt and numb your conscienceYou say, I do


Poem Mar 2, 2022

An effective anesthesiaFor once it reaches one’s systemIt spreads like a virusAs it corrupts all it touchesIn a matter of secondsIt is a stage four cancerAnd at that stageThe ability to be productive is slimFor the disease already numbed the brain ~ Basa ~