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Poem March 22, 2022 Basa Sandrine

We writers we’re travelers for we jump from one dimension to another but belong to none
We writers we’re healers for we know our ways straight to the soul
We writers we’re peace makers for we master the art of appeasement
We writers we’re the voice of the mute for we tell the stories buried inside of them
We writers we’re detectives for we shed light on the unspoken truths
We writers we’re love experts for we convince the unbelievers its existence
We writers we’re whistleblowers for we report the wrong doings around us
We writers we’re are revolutionists for we tackle for the change we want to see

  ~ Basa ~

I'm Basa Simbi Olive Sandrine ,I'm a writer and poet who just love playing with words and make creations from them This website is an exhibition to expose the artist that dwells inside of me ,hope you enjoy what she has to offer

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