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Poem April 12, 2022 Basa Sandrine


They were mothers
They were fathers
They were sons
They were daughters
They were aunts
They were uncles
They were cousins
They were friends
They were relatives
They were neighbours
They were partners
They were grandparents
They were elders
They were children
They were workers
They were normal citizens like me and you
They had a community, a home and a country
But when that tusti name  given to them
Turned into a reason to eradicate them
Their very existence crumbled to their feets
Their lives, hopes then dreams was taken by that hate
Just because of how they were created
Today we remember each and every detail
Every piece that their lives were made off
Today we embrace all they were as individuals
That history of theirs is ours now to pass on
They are gone but not forgotten
The life they didn’t get to live
We here living it on their behalf
Today we stand together as one
United  for a greater cause
Bigger than ourselves
To make sure that those seeds
The ones that later turns into weapons
Tools that portrays atrocities then death
Never even again touches our motherland
It’s my responsibility and yours for those to come
To pass the light one
I'm Basa Simbi Olive Sandrine ,I'm a writer and poet who just love playing with words and make creations from them This website is an exhibition to expose the artist that dwells inside of me ,hope you enjoy what she has to offer

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