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Poem March 15, 2022 Basa Sandrine

Moments, Moments
Oooooooh moments
How come I learn this now
How come I missed your point
For so long I didn’t honor you
For so long I didn’t value you
If only I was informed
If only I had insights
Things would have been different
I would have been more invested
The fact that you are life in short
Still get me,you know
For when I was in the moment
Most of the time I wasn’t
And there was a wasted life
Do forgive me precious one
Really hope with all of me
That I still got more of you
Let me believe there is more
More moment, moments

~ Basa ~

I'm Basa Simbi Olive Sandrine ,I'm a writer and poet who just love playing with words and make creations from them This website is an exhibition to expose the artist that dwells inside of me ,hope you enjoy what she has to offer

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