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Poem March 15, 2022 Basa Sandrine

They pressure you to drink because they just can’t stand your sobriety
And not because drinking is that great or that fun
They keep telling you that you should try to get high not because it’s that cool or dope
But because them dying alone is unimaginable
They push you into their beds and those of others
not because sex is that all mighty
But simply because  they envy that  purity you still have
They insist you go out at night time not because it’s that incredible at night
But because they want you to meet the same demons they did
They send you things to check on not because they are concerned
But because they want you spoiled as their are
They’re there not because they care
But because they want you to be indebted
They invite you not because they really want you there
But because they wanna expose you
They keep teasing you on your principles not because they’re that bad
But because they hate themselves for lacking some
They give you not because they’re kind
But because they want  you to taste the same poison as them
They’re selfish in all possible ways
They’re always looking for people to drag in the mud along their side
But who’re you to blame or judge haaaa
Loneliness was just never our strongest suit
We’re always looking for partners,companions or just accomplices
That’s our pure nature
You just don’t fall for it,it’s never what it seems ever

~ Basa ~

I'm Basa Simbi Olive Sandrine ,I'm a writer and poet who just love playing with words and make creations from them This website is an exhibition to expose the artist that dwells inside of me ,hope you enjoy what she has to offer

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